Legal Video Services
Sentencing Mitigation Videos
Mitigation videos are a powerful tool that can truly humanize a defendant and effectively tell their personal story to a prosecutor or judge. These videos allow for an individual to become more than a police report, pre-sentencing report, and can be more powerful than the most heartfelt letter in a mitigation packet. Our production team understands the value of mitigation videos in the judicial process and will harness the power of video as a vehicle to help the client. The video represents the multi-dimensional aspects of a client’s life and role within their family and community, offering a viable and poignant alternative narrative to the prosecution’s perspective.
Other Legal Services
– Video Enhancement: Video enhancement may include sharpening, brightening, slowing or speeding video footage to make details easier for viewing. Audio may also be enhanced by eliminating certain ranges of static and noise. Our experts are available to authenticate all processes and procedures to maximize admissibility at trial.